ONE Catering Malaysia 公司背景

KSH_truck_300x200ONE Catering Malaysia is the catering arm of BNX Holdings, an established food-and-beverage company in Malaysia, with a chain of 13 restaurants under its umbrella.

The restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, including Japanese food under the banner of Kinsahi; Shabu Shabu under the banner of Arashi and Taiwanese style Chinese food served in the Zen Taiwanese Restaurant. They have been well received and the restaurant chain is one of the most successful in southern Malaysia.

ONE Catering was founded with the aim of expanding the services the Group extend to its customers. With the catering services, the customers can now have the foods served at the venue they prefer to coincide with events, from birthday and anniversary celebrations and housewarming to product launches. The services also help institutions like factories in schools to cater to their needs for daily meals for their people.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we know our clients look to us not only for speed and efficiency, but also the freshness of ingredients and quality of cooking. To enable the customers to focus on entertaining their guests, we have also designed packages to include setting up, chef on-site and service attendants.

In addition to catering to events, we work with institution to cater to their people’s needs for daily meals. The menus are designed based on specific requirements and budget of the companies.

ONE Catering is based in Johor Bahru and has a branch in Klang.  Enquiries from other parts of  Malaysia are welcomed.



ONE Catering Malaysia 是马来西亚集团BNX Holdings承办餐饮服务的品牌。 BNX Holdings在餐饮业已经有十多年的历史,旗下的餐馆十三家,提供的各种特色美食,包括日本餐、日本火锅和台湾料理等,受到广大消费者的支持和爱戴。

ONE Catering的建立,是希望能给顾客提供更全面的服务。让个人和企业客户既能够到餐馆用餐,也能够在有特殊庆祝活动,例如生日会、乔迁和周年纪念日的时候,在自己方便的地点为宾客提供美味佳肴。此外,我们也为各类机构,包括学校、工厂等,提供日常伙食。